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To manage the complexity present in our work environments today, we can’t rely on past approaches. Answers, if they exist, are not obvious and can be counter-intuitive. If innovation is needed, it doesn’t come from one person who has a flash of brilliance but from groups of dedicated people with different capabilities and often different worldviews.

Developing and honoring the collective wisdom of diverse people is what teams are all about in the 21st century.


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The value I help clients create for their organizations is achieved in several ways.

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In-Company Workshops

Design & Facilitation for Offsites

It’s a pleasure to support the success of leaders and their teams by designing and facilitating workshops aimed at developing mission critical skills and capabilities. All my in-company workshops are custom-designed in collaboration with my clients. I believe an experiential learning approach is the best way to get people to grow beyond their current capabilities.

If you are planning your next general management offsite, a conference to celebrate a milestone anniversary or a global function meeting there is a lot to coordinate and manage. Often, I am
brought in to design and facilitate a specific part of a multi-day event which brings valuable insights to delegates and allows offsite leaders to fully participate and engage in the experience with participants.

We'll examine your current situation and plan a path to move forward successfully.

A plan you can put in action in order to lead yourself and your team in a way that feels right to you.

Our process helps identify your unique path to higher level leadership.

Using the tools and insights we uncover during our work together, you'll be prepared to lead and succeed.

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