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Sometimes you need a coach for yourself and sometimes you recognize it is the perfect solution for someone on your team. Personally, I hire a coach for myself every year because there is always something I need to learn or get better at in order to stay relevant, motivated and inspiring as a leader.

"I believe everyone deserves support as they develop, just as long as they are committed and courageous enough to do the hard work."

What you need

What I offer

An objective thinking partner to reflect with and bounce your ideas off of as you determine the best way forward for yourself, your team, your organization.

Higher level leadership skills that allow you to performer better in your current role and/or prepare you for your next role.

Greater authenticity and alignment with your purpose. To be able to bring who you are to what you do so you are more personally energized, motivating to others, able to focus on what matters most and get things done.

A framework for greater self-understanding and development. A good understanding of self, both your strengths and weaknesses, enables you to develop effective strategies for interaction and helps you better respond to the demands of your environment. Research
suggests self-awareness is the biggest gap in leaders’ awareness.

Decades of frontline experience and insights into the “human” side of business in large corporations, associations and start-ups.

 A non-judgmental environment where you are supported during your growth and development.

When to seek coaching?

You need to compliment your specialist or expert knowledge with a broader understanding how to manage and lead. Often this occurs when you have or will assume the top job in your organization.

You have a job that requires leadership skills just beyond your current capabilities. You want to build on your strengths and develop new skills but are not quite sure what or how to do it.

You want to grow your capabilities to lead beyond your formal authority. You are successful in your current role leading within your sphere of influence, but you’ve been advised to influence more broadly, take more risk or build relationships across departments and outside your organization. The question you need answered is how to do it.

You need an organized approach to managing your career development strategy. You want a structure with enough built-in flexibility to grow with you. You seek a change and not simply a job change..

ready to lead effectively?

We'll examine your current situation and plan a path to move forward successfully.

A plan you can put in action in order to lead yourself and your team in a way that feels right to you.

Our process helps identify your unique path to higher level leadership.

Using the tools and insights we uncover during our work together, you'll be prepared to lead and succeed.