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client praise

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Nancy Carfrae

"Susan always makes me feel like I can do it, whatever it is. Enthusiastic and encouraging, no nonsense and honest."

UIA - Union of International Associations, Coordinator UIA Associations Round Tables


Asja Kamenica

"I have had the pleasure of working with Susan West since 2012, adjunct teaching faculty in several Solvay Executive Education programs, and more particularly in the Leadership and Self-Assessment module of Solvay’s Accelerated Management Program. Susan is a remarkable lecturer and coach with consistently outstanding appraisal reports over the years. Susan embraces every opportunity for refining the best practices and enhancing her teaching, which makes her an ideal contributor and partner to the program.
It is such a comfort to work with such an enthusiastic, always generous and highly perceptive trainer who develops inspiring relationships and often transformative experiences with our participants. Susan helps us exceed their expectations.”

Senior Programme Manager
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management


“Our organisation grew rapidly over the last years and we wanted to use our 10th anniversary as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of our community and develop new thinking to meet the challenges of the next decade. Susan helped us to design an event from a to z and facilitate the working sessions that led to a road map for our way forward. What really makes all the difference with Susan is how she engages with people unleashing their creativity while herself remains passionately neutral. Working with Susan is not only efficient and effective - it is really fun and creative; indeed a transforming experience."

Stylianos Filopoulos

Director - General Secretary
Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre


Susan cleverly presents ideas, concepts and scenarios that make you think in and outside the box of daily life. Susan is inspiring and perceptive, and she gave me long-lasting food for thought. As much as I have gained from her insights and spot on remarks, it still seems like the top of the iceberg to what she can bring to professionals. To me, she has opened the door to much inward thinking and reflection about what can be done differently and better.

Susan has helped me understand that finding the best in others and putting it to good use is the most powerful form of leadership.

She masterfully drove me through the roads of self- and interpersonal awareness, EQ, perception, resilience and change -to name a few concepts-, and how all these elements are important to decide how best to address situations and carry forward our professional trajectory.

Gabriela Diezhandino

Director, Public Policy
European Fund & Asset Management Association